Here Are The Kitchenware Prime Day Deals You Won’t Want To Miss

Prime Day is like Christmas in June. OK, it may even be better than Christmas because at this point, the priority is on all those fun things you’ve been missing for your kitchen. From cookware to knives and even upgraded appliances, Amazon is throwing out the playbook on pricing to ensure you get just the thing you’ve been eyeing.

We scoped out some of the best and most coveted housewares and home that Amazon is offering this Prime Day. While this is just a sampling, there are lots more to be had. These deals end on June 23 or while supplies last, so what are you waiting for? We all know your credit card is already saved in your account, get shopping!

Kyocera: Need new knives? This Prime Day, snatch up Kyocera’s Advanced Solution ceramic knife set. It includes an all-purpose 6-inch chef’s knife, a serrated 5-inch tomato knife and a smaller 3-inch paring knife for all types of meal prep. Designed with comfortable and lightweight ergonomic handles, the ceramic blades are made from Kyocera’s proprietary zirconia material produced in Japan for exceptional quality and beauty. Shop Now.

Instant Pot: Have you had your eye on an Instant Pot or looking to grow your collection of Instant Pot accessories? This Prime Day, you can take up to 50% off. This deal includes Instant Pot, Instant Pot Dup Crisp electric pressure cooker, Instant Vortex basket air fryer and Instant Omni Plus air fryer and toaster oven combo. Shop Now.

GreenPan: GreenPan will have a variety of cookware on sale for Prime Day. These include the company’s Valencia 4-piece cookware set; Prime Midnight 5-piece cookware set in black; Prime Midnight 2-piece frying pan set; Padova roasting pan; and Chatham roasting pan. The company’s GreenLife electric egg cooker, Soft Grip 16-piece cookware in all eight colors, as well as its Savory 13-piece cookware set will also be on sale. Shop Now.

Blue Diamond: Known for the diamond pieces in its coating, Blue Diamond will have a lot of options on sale for Prime Day. Included in the company’s Prime Day deals are its Triple Steel 7-piece cookware set; grill genie; Triple Steel 9.5-inch fry pan; Diamond-Infused Ceramic non-stick 6-piece cookware set; 5-piece bakeware set; and Weekday Wonder electric pressure cooker. Shop Now.

Cusbus: Your at-home craft cocktail can definitely use an ice upgrade. This Prime Day, pick up the Cusbus ice cube tray, which includes four round ball-shaped cubes. These slow-melting cubes will make all of your favorite cocktails cold without diluting them. We call this a win-win. Shop Now.

Keurig: Have to go back to the office soon? We know you’re not exactly excited for it, but the Keurig K-Slim coffee maker may help make it easier. Grab one at a steal ($49.95!) for your desk. You may not be looking forward to being back there, but at least you can look forward to the unlimited supply of good coffee. Shop Now.

Le Creuset: Always wanted to own a beautiful piece of Le Creuset cookware? Well, now is your chance. The company is having a Prime Day Deal on its square skillet grill pan and its enameled cast iron grill pan in two colors, Cerise and Marseille. Set for $99.95, you can’t beat this. Shop Now.

Smirly: Apertivo hour at home should definitely be a COVID tradition that sticks around. Now, you can make the best looking charcuterie board and have amazing storage as well. Made from bamboo, each Smirly board has a unique wooden pattern. Even better? The board not only holds your cheese knives perfectly for both serving and storage, but there are extra slots for nuts, fruits, crackers or bread. Shop Now.

Vitamix: If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, Vitamin has exactly what you need. Deals this Prime Day include three styles of blenders (especially that professional grade one you’ve had your eye on!). Also on sale? An immersion blender and the FoodCycler. Yep, now you can fertilize that garden you started with your food scraps. Shop Now.

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