Angry Orchard Debuts A Cider Club And Here, Take Our Money

Calling all cider lovers: Angry Orchard is now bringing the goods to your door with the introduction of its new Cider Club for about $75 per quarter. And here’s the best part — all of these ciders are small-batch creations that are usually only sold at the Walden, NY-based Angry Orchard Cider House.

The club offers a curated package of three specialty ciders from the Orchard, a letter from head cider maker Ryan Burk, detailed tasting notes and stories behind each offering, recommended food and cider pairings, custom recipes from renowned chefs and more.

Each cider is handpicked and handcrafted by the Orchard team, and will range from new or early release ciders, current/recurring favorites and vintage offerings. These limited-edition ciders highlight the intricacies of cider making, capturing a variety of cider styles, ingredients, collaborations and more.

Crafted with a careful assortment of apples, including fruit grown right on-site, and a reflection of people and place, Angry Orchard’s Cider Club will unlock offerings guests could otherwise only experience at the Cider House.

Be sure to check shipping regulations, prices and sales tax to ensure you can enjoy the membership for yourself.

Want to know more about cider? Check out our interview with Ryan Burk here.

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