Bombay Sapphire’s Bramble Is So Good Even Chef Marcus Samuelsson Loves It

Bombay Sapphire has always been on the forefront of the gin game. Now, the company has released Bombay Bramble, a fresh new take on gin that includes the flavor of raspberries and blackberries. Sipped alone, the tipple is fun, bright and an instant cocktail. Mixed into a Negroni or used as a spritz, the Bramble takes on a completely different life. But the best part? However it’s used, it’s delicious.

The Gourmet Insider recently got to speak with Ryan Wainwright, brand ambassador for Bombay, about this latest release, fun ways to use the bramble and what’s next for the company.

The Gourmet Insider: Where did the inspiration come from for the new bramble? What’s the story behind it?

Ryan Wainwright: We’re always listening to our customers and we saw that many of our gin-lovers are exploring flavored spirits. Bramble is our response to this growing trend towards flavored spirits without losing the integrity of our premium gin. We brought a certain vibrance to our time-honored craft, through the marriage of our unique vapor-infusion process with the natural flavors of freshly harvested berries. The name, Bramble, is an ode to the classic ‘80s cocktail which highlights dry gin and red fruits, similar to those in Bombay Bramble.

TGI: What ingredients did you use to ensure the sipper is as bright and flavorful as if it was freshly made?

RW: Two important factors in our development of Bombay Bramble were the commitment to sustainable ingredients and to no added sugars. We are mindful of each ingredient that goes into making Bramble. Additionally, we use freshly harvested berries in the production of Bombay Bramble to capture intensely ripened flavors, so we don’t even need to think about added sugars. These rich berry flavors play off the bright juniper, citrus, and botanical notes so familiar to Bombay Sapphire fans. This sophisticated expression of our iconic gin leaves a dryer, less sweet palate compared to other flavored and colored gin competitors.

TGI: While it’s fabulous on its own, what are some of the more unique ways to use it?

RW: The beauty of Bramble is that it is so versatile. Because it is so dry, it truly works as a straight replacement for any classic that calls for gin and you don’t have to adjust the sweetness or anything. 

For me, this drink is my new go to for spritz type drinks and refreshing Collins-style drinks. I also did a killer frozen drink with it recently; it was a frozen Bramble and Lemonade with a ginger beer float. I just kept thinking about how much I just wanted to drink it like an amazing float. 

I have seen chefs throw Bramble into salsas to add some brightness and spice and even into a mouse for all that bright berry flavor and color. Really, the sky’s the limit.

TGI: How does the bramble fit into Bombay’s branding and marketing? 

RW: We’re so excited to launch Bramble with the help of Marcus Samuelsson, the Head Chef of renowned Harlem institution, Red Rooster. Samuelsson is famous for pushing culinary boundaries, bringing together the best cuisines around the world, from American soul food to Swedish and Ethiopian. Likewise, as a brand Bombay seeks to celebrate diverse creatives across disciplines. The development of Bramble itself plays off of this theme of pushing boundaries.

TGI: Any more of these on the horizon for Bombay?

RW: One of the best parts about working with the Bombay team is that our Master Distiller Dr Anne Brock and our Master Botanicalist Ivano Tonutti are tireless in their creativity. I can’t say much, but I would definitely keep an eye on Bombay because some really exciting things are coming!

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