This Glassware Will Make Your Drinks Taste Better And Your Table Look Stunning

There is just something about a cocktail that’s made for you. The flavors, the texture and, of course, the presentation.

But now that everyone is staying home more, in-house bartender takes on a completely different meaning. Cocktailing has become a domestic skill acquired during the COVID-19 pandemic and it is more complex than ever.

Inspired by this trend, Riedel has teamed up with Zane Harris, a New York-based mixologist, on the development on drink-specific glassware.

While the company has previously focused on its varietal specific glassware for wine, it shifted that knowledge to cocktails. Zane designed these glasses based on the ingredients and pour styles of six traditional cocktails – the Neat, Rocks, Highball, Fizz, Sour and Nick & Nora. Each has its own special features that truly help enhance the flavor of the boozy beverage within the glass.

The Highball and Rocks glasses are specially made for the standard ice cube as well as large format ice, a growing favorite among consumers. The Fizz glass captures the frothy and pillowy “push-pop” head of foam with its parallel sides in cocktails like the gin sour.

Sized to be cradled by the hand of the imbiber for comfort, the Neat glass is proportioned smaller than the Rocks glass but appears full when the ideal amount of spirit or cocktail is added.

The Nick & Nora glass, named after the characters in the timeless thriller “The Thin Man,” ensures an effortless and chic sip, delivering the drink without forcing the tilt of the head, the company noted.

Equipped with an outward flared lip, essential for the traditional sour, the Sour glass delivers the silky smoothness to the entire palate, directing the otherwise strong flavor profile to the tip of the tongue where it will be most enjoyed, the company noted, in keeping with Riedel’s form follows function ethos.

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