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Hestan Culinary Has A Concierge Service So You Can Buy Cookware From Your Couch

Founded by Stanley Cheng, founder of Vallejo, CA-based Meyer Corp., Hestan Culinary came to market as a commercial business venture in 2015. The brand, which was focused around the commercial side of the culinary world and included freestanding ranges, island suites, countertop equipment, convection ovens, griddles, char broilers, French tops, hot tops, planchas, salamanders, cheesemelters, fryers, pasta cookers and refrigerated bases.

However, soon after, Cheng realized that he had an opportunity to serve the home cook as well. Seizing an opportunity to shake up the category by establishing a brand that is forward thinking, Hestan’s consumer side was born. Still keeping focused on commercial business, it also launched a consumer division, which includes Hestan Smart Cooking — which debuted with the Hestan Cue in 2017 — and Hestan Culinary.

But, purchasing cookware isn’t always easy for time-crunched people, or those that are still feeling anxious about being out and about during this time. That’s where Hestan Culinary takes a different approach. The company launched a cookware concierge service that is designed to take the in-store experience of purchasing new and upgraded cookware into the comfort of your own living room.

“Digital can be cold and impersonal; it doesn’t feel like it is a custom or personal experience,” says Pamelia Stafford, director, Hestan Culinary.

By simply clicking the “Cookware Concierge” button on the company’s website, consumers can set up an appointment to speak to a live cookware specialist — by video, phone or email — at a convenient time from the comfort of their own home.

“We will talk to you about how you cook, what you cook and how many you cook for. We will answer all of your questions about different types of cookware, like the difference between bonded and tri-ply. We will help guide [customers] through the right selection and help them make the best decision. We want to bring the in-store experience to the home,” Stafford says.

This feature, says Stafford, is designed to take away all the barriers of shopping for ultra-premium and premium clad collections offered by Hestan. These lines currently include its CopperBond, ProBond, and the original NanoBond collection.

Want to shop Hestan? Check out the line here.

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