Beer And Ice Cream Is The Best Pairing Of The Summer — Trust Us

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Summer. It’s the time for beach days, hot weather, ice cream and cold beer. Well, what happens when you combine those last two? You get an amazing adult summertime treat. Sure, root beer floats have been around for a while now but it turns out that if you mix different styles of beers with different flavors of ice cream, you can find some really great combinations. 

When pairing food and drink, there are two main ways to do it — you can either contrast, or you can complement. Our team at Springdale Beer Co. used that same philosophy to pair different brews with different ice cream flavors with our friends at Tipping Cow, a renowned ice cream shop in Somerville, MA. 

But no worries, if you can’t get to Tipping Cow or Springdale isn’t available in your area, we gave you other options that you can mix up as well. No one should be missing out on this sweet treat! Check out some of our favorite pairings below:

Pearly White Ale x Creamsicle Ice Cream

A lightly spiced wheat beer, Pearly White Ale is tart and refreshing and is brewed with coriander and orange peel. The subtle orange flavor is accentuated by the creamy, orange ice cream. This is a classic way to pair foods — pulling out a subtle flavor with a stronger pair. 

Other Beers to Try: Allagash White, Bell’s Oberon

Other Ice Creams To Try: Orange Sherbert

Cold Brew Brig Mocha Stout x French Vanilla Ice Cream

For those who think dark beer has no place in summer, we counter with Cold Brew Brig. We start with our popular Brig Mocha Stout and add a double dose of coffee to the post fermentation – cold side – of the process to capture those beautifully smooth flavors of the coffee and then fill it out with cocoa nibs and lactose for decadent, chocolate, coffee flavor. Pair this with French Vanilla Ice Cream, you have a combination reminiscent of an Affogato. Classic flavors rule.

Other Beers to Try: Founders’ Breakfast Stout, Mocha Merlin by Firestone Walker

Other Ice Creams to Try: Sweet Cream

Apriculture Barrel-Aged Sour x Tropical Breeze Ice Cream

Fruit and fruit is a win-win! Apriculture is a sour beer aged for 18 months in oak barrels with apricots. The beer is bright, tart, well-balanced with a light sweetness coming from the apricots. The intense acidity of the beer is balanced by the sweetness of the ice cream. Tropical Breeze is a mix of tropical fruits, including passion fruit and guava. 

Other Beers to Try: Allagash De Nouveau Pêche, Oxbow MOMOKO

Other Ice Creams to Try:  Mango, Black Raspberry

Lavenade Tart Ale x Lavender Shandy Ice Cream

Lavenade is our lavender lemon tart ale. Inspired by trips through the farmers market, this beer is bright and tart with a balanced floral note. To pair like with like, Tipping Cow created this ice cream specifically for this beer with complementing flavors.

Other Beers & Ice Creams to Try: Sorry, this ice cream was made for the beer. You’re just going to have to try the original thing. 

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