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Kalamata’s Kitchen Strives To Make Children More Adventurous Eaters

It’s true — little foodies grow up to be adult foodies. But, even if you do everything in your power to make your child want to love food and the experiences it can bring, it may not always be easy to convince them to eat that broccoli casserole (yes, even if there is cheese!).

And, with the continued penetration of different and unique foods from around the world becoming mainstream, it can be hard to get your little eater to try something new.

Kalamata’s Kitchen is combating just that through a learning series of books, goodies and games. The brand is built around a South Indian American girl who loves to try new and different foods from around the world, learning as she goes. Designed to inspire young eaters to keep their fork in their hands and a sense of wonder, the books create life lessons centered around food as well.

Sarah Thomas, author of the book series, is an advanced sommelier and spent most of her life “crafting experience through food and drink,” she explains. But, she realized there was a lack of that in the market for children.

“Kalamata’s Kitchen is designed to be a food adventure for children and to help those children be more open-minded about what’s on their plate,” she says. “The goal is to create more curious and more courageous children.”

The books put emphasis on trying each new food at least two times and always have a unique twist on something familiar to make it relatable. For example, around holiday time, the company put together a biscuit box with Chef Eric Ripert and La Boîte. The biscuits (cookies) were intended to depict memories of Chef Eric Ripert’s childhood, but also teach children that there did not have to be preconceived notions about what should be sweet and what should be savory.

“It gets children rethinking about when they eat sweet and when they eat savory,” she says.

Look forward to a new adventure book to be released later this year. But, in the meantime, check out videos and activities staring Kalamata here.

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