‘Mericano Pop cocktail

‘Mericano Pop

‘Mericano Pop

Recipe by Massimo Stronati, Ettan Bar

The Americano is one of the iconic aperitivo cocktails and this version is full of flavors and complexity, starting with the MARTINI & ROSSI Bianco and combining new and old mixology trends to bring a new vibe. Being an Italian living in California and working in a fusion Indian California Restaurant, my aim is to fuse together different styles from around the world whilst never forgetting the basics and my roots, which means vermouth will always have a strong place on my cocktail lists!


  • 40 ml MARTINI & ROSSI Bianco infused with lemon peel*

  • 30 ml MARTINI & ROSSI Riserva Speciale Bitter

  • 5 ml popcorn syrup*

  • 10 ml habanero distilled spirit

  • 2 drops celery bitters

  • 20 ml cucumber kolsh beer

  • Popcorn cone garnish


  • Build all ingredients except the beer in a tall glass with ice, top with the beer.


  • Glassware: Collins glass
  • MARTINI & ROSSI Bianco infused with lemon peel: Add the peel (without pith) of five lemons to a bottle of MARTINI & ROSSI Bianco and seal in a vacuum bag for one day
  • Popcorn syrup: Simple syrup (2:1 sugar -water) with salted popcorn added

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