Mezcal watermelon marg

Smoky Mezcal Meets Sweet Watermelon In This Summer Cocktail Creation

The ultimate summer cocktail is here and it has all the sunny day vibes.

If you haven’t had a margarita with Mezcal yet this is something you really need to try. Personally, I love the earthy and smoky flavor profile that the spirit adds to the classic margarita formula.

But, when have you known me to stick to a standard recipe? I decided to add in watermelon juice — this just makes a margarita hit differently.

Don’t have easy access to watermelon juice? Make your own! Just blend watermelon pieces in a blender and strain.

Check out the recipe. Happy sipping!

Mezcal Watermelon Margarita


1.5 ounces Mezcal

2 ounces watermelon juice

¾ ounce lime juice

½ ounce agave syrup


Rim glass with salt

Add all ingredients to a shaker

Shake then strain over fresh ice


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