Spindrift on a table

Your Spindrift Addiction Is About To Get Worse: Welcome Spindrift Spiked

Ah, the glorious sound the pop-top makes as you settle in with your second (or third… we’re not judging) can of Spindrift. While subconsciously, you feel as if you’re putting the founder’s children through college with your purchases, it’s just one of those little splurges you can’t do without.

The flavors are also great for making a mocktail or those trying to wean off sugar-filled alternatives without losing interest in just plain water.

But get ready to give the brand all your money because Spindrift Spiked, a lightly carbonated hard sparkling water made with only real ingredients, is coming to town this Spring.

“Spindrift Spiked breaks the hard seltzer mold: We feature simple ingredients, prominently on the front panel. The liquid has color like the fruit, huge dimension of flavor, plus no added synthetics or fillers,” says Bill Creelman, CEO, Spindrift.

Spindrift Spiked is made with a clean-tasting alcoholic base with only 82 to 95 calories per can, and has 4% ABV. The new hard sparkling water line uses a 10-day fermentation process to maximize ABV without additives, as well as an ultra-filtration process which purifies at the molecular level. The new line will be available in 12 fl oz cans and launch with four delicious flavors: Mango, Lime, Pineapple and Half & Half.

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