Spice Up Your Life With This Saucy Food Line From Stephanie Izard

When you think of America’s most accomplished chefs, Stephanie Izard is one of the names that should make the cut. She’s been honored with a James Beard Award, named a Food Network Iron Chef, and was the first woman to take home top honors on Bravo’s “Top Chef.”

Now, she’s making it easy to elevate your at-home dishes with her food line, This Little Goat.

Inspired by regions around the world, This Little Goat is made up of sauces and spices that encapsulate global flavors.

The brand’s Southeast Asia everything sauce combines the salty goodness of fish sauce with zesty lemon, while the Hong Kong everything sauce is a blend of soy, with a pop of ginger, garlic and spicy chilies. This Little Goat went to Korea includes flavor notes of spicy chilies and soybean paste with a hint of garlic and brown sugar, and the Tokyo sauce maintains a balance between sweet and salty. Shifting gears, This Little Goat went to Yucatan is characterized as bright citrus meets savory garlic, onion and chilies in a sauce.

The spices, too, take your palate on a journey around the world. This Little Goat went to Grilleville spice mix hints at savory tomato, onion and garlic flavorings with notes of rosemary and a bit of heat. Bright citrus flavors with savory garlic, onion, smoky paprika and chilies makes up the brand’s Belize blend, while the Cuba blend has similar notes. The Morocco flavor is a stand out, with an aromatic blend of hibiscus and coriander with a hint of citrus and heat. And, This Little Goat went to India warms the belly from the inside out with its combination of spicy chilies, cumin, cinnamon and earthy cloves.

Both the sauces and spice blends can be added to meat, veggies and fish, or whipped into dips, soups, sauces as a flavor enhancer.

Additionally, all This Little Goat sauces are gluten-free with the exception of This Little Goat Goes To Korea. All This Little Goat Spices are vegan and gluten-free.

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