Stonewall Home’s New Candles Are So Calming, You’ll Want The Whole Line

While Stonewall Kitchen may be best known for its line of dips, cocktail mixers, jams and jellies, the Maine-based company has also developed some great products for the home.

Now, though, the company is unveiling its newest venture, Stonewall Home, a collection of candles that smell so wonderful, you won’t be able to pick just one scent.

“People are spending more time at home than ever and as a result have spent time looking for ways to create a relaxing and inviting environment,” says Margaux Maertens, communications specialist at Stonewall Kitchen.

Fragrance, she explains, has the powerful ability to influence mood, evoke certain emotions, and even remind you of fond memories. The candles were designed to help ease some of the tensions that people are currently living though, allowing for the home to be a more soothing place to be — even if it has become a school, a home office and a restaurant, too.

The scents include a variety of home and seasonal options, including Fresh Linen, Honey Vanilla, Lavender Fields, Rainy Days, Sandy Beach, Sea Salt Mist, Shoreline, Tea Rose, Tarragon and Basil, Apple Orchard, Cinnamon and Spice, Winter White and Maple Pumpkin Butter. However, Balsam Woods, Driftwood, and Cashmere are some of the flagship scents that offer consumers a chance to bring a little bit of coastal Maine to their environment.

“We pride ourselves as a Made in Maine company and want to represent that environment through the fragrances,” she says.

And, says Maertens, the candles are about making the physical home environment healthy, too. They are created with a blend of soy and non-toxic food-grade paraffin, which is designed to ensure a healthier approach to burning.

“This blend will also give you a cleaner, even burn within the candle itself. We’ve decided to have candles that offer two or three wicks for a larger, even wax pool and can burn from eight to 170 hours, depending on the size,” she says.

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