This New Wine Release From Tank Garage Winery Tells 2020 Exactly Where To Go

If you’re anything like the rest of us, 2020 just wasn’t your year. Or maybe it was, who knows?

In any case, Tank Garage Winery isn’t taking anything this year has handed to it lying down. The brand’s latest release, Middle Finger, is a full-bodied red blend with high acidity and stunning tannins. It’s made from 95% Barbera, 3% Primitivo, and 2% Graciano, allowing for a full mouthfeel that is red-fruit forward. We mean lots and lots of lush cherry flavors, with just enough strawberry to make you pucker up. But, it also carries a hint of vanilla bean for an air of sophistication and a creamy finish.

To top it all off, the label features artwork of a sculpted gold middle finger by Italian artist Alessandro Paglia and, as a throwback, each bottle is wax-dipped.

It is available now exclusively on the company’s website for a limited time. Seriously, only 325 cases have been produced.

So, whether you need it yourself or know someone else who could use it this year, grab yourself some Middle Finger and kiss 2020 ‘goodbye’ in style.

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