These Farmhouse Pans Are So Cute Even Joanna Gaines Would Be Jealous

Farmhouse chic is all the rage in home décor these days and what you’re cooking on shouldn’t have to be an exception to the rule. Smithey Ironware, based in Charleston, SC, is making sure that home cooks are able to do so in style with its Farmhouse Collection.

Inspired by American blacksmith designs of the 18th and 19th century, the company teamed up with Charleston artisan and blacksmith, Robert Thomas, to create these carbon steel stunners that can go from stovetop or oven to table.

The Farmhouse Skillet, which has a convenient 12-inch surface area, is hand-forged and pre-seasoned. But these aren’t any ordinary, factory-made skillets. Each one is completely unique from the other and are numbered, so you know it’s been touched by human hands. Other design elements include a handle design inspired by traditional blacksmith fire tools and the signature Smithey 3-holed helper handle.

The brand’s Oval Roaster, which will make its debut this Fall, is also made from carbon steel. But as easy as they can be to cook on, the roaster is also designed to be a stylish kitchen accessory. Each one of these hand-forged, limited-edition roasters is unique — from the hand-hammered handles to the highly polished interior.

Check out where to buy these gorgeous kitchen showpieces here.

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