This Beautiful Scalloped Pie Dish Is Perfect For Holiday Baking

Fall and Holiday cooking and baking is the time of year where you’re not only cooking for more people, it’s also a reason to be a little bit indulgent yourself. So, why settle on an average-sized pie dish?

Emile Henry is making it easier to create pies, casseroles, quiches and more for a larger crowd (or yourself!) with the introduction of its new Le Grande Pie Dish, which holds more than 2 quarts of whatever filling your little heart desires.

The new dish is Made in France from local Burgundy clay, allowing it to bake up a tender, extra-flaky crust. The scalloped edges make the finished product look amazing, too, with virtually zero effort.

And the new dish doesn’t just look beautiful, it’s tough as well. The ceramic dish is scratch resistant so it can stand up to any kind of knife, pie server or scoop. Its ample size gives it the ability to freezing casseroles or pot pies. It can go directly from the freezer-to-the-hot-oven and is oven safe up to 520°F. Additionally, the dish can be placed under the broiler to caramelize pie toppings.

Looking for a smaller pie dish with all the same qualities? Emile Henry also has an array of different options, including a ruffled version of this product as well as a mini one.

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