This Cast Iron Flat Top Is Super Versatile — And Beautiful, Too

Cast iron is the workhorse of the kitchen — and the grill, the campfire and basically every place you can think of to cook. The American cookware staple continues to evolve, too, and in both style and function.

Smithey Ironware, based in Charleston, SC, has spent the last few years bringing a hefty range of handcrafted, premium cast iron cookware to the table, developing an array of skillets, a Dutch oven and even a Farmhouse-style line.

Now, the company has blended inspiration from the past and technology form the present for its latest launch. Cue the No. 12 Flat Top griddle, a piece that was apparently popular 100+ years ago, but developed Smithey’s signature high-polished look and improved engineering for the best cooking results possible.

Designed to maintain even and consistent heat, the griddle is naturally non-stick and free of chemical coatings. It is also designed and made in the U.S. An ergonomic handle, pour spout covers, and holes on both sides for hanging complete the look.

“From pizza to pancakes — or crepes if you’re fancy — the large flat cooking surface holds heat exceptionally well and turns a spare burner into a go-to cooking surface,” says Will Copenhaver, vp/sales and marketing for Smithey.

And, there is a bonus. The No. 12 Flat Top griddle also doubles as a lid for the No. 12 skillet. Two for one? Sign us up.

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