This New Platter Will Make Your Taco Tuesday So Much Better

We know what you’re thinking — how is it possible that Taco Tuesday could get even better than it already is?

Well, hold on to your hats because Chicago Metallic is about to blow your minds with its new Taco Party set, available now.

The Chicago Metallic Taco Party set includes a 7-cup serving bowl in the center of the tray, which is perfect for the main ingredient, such as taco meat, shredded chicken, grilled shrimp, or fish. The wire rack can hold hard or soft tacos, making it easy to create your culinary masterpiece without tipping, folding or rolling.

Then to fit all of the condiments — because what is taco night without condiments? — there is a tray that fits around the main bowl. Each of these are divided into two, so there is enough room for six different toppings. And you know guac doesn’t cost extra at home, so no judgement if you use two trays for it.

Everything sits on a 15-inch rotating tray which makes it easy for everyone around the table to reach the food. The tray has a soft mat on top to keep everything secure and soft, non-slip feet to keep the tray from moving around on your table.

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