Meating Halfway Kitchen

Amanda Grace Benitez, Carleigh Bodrug Host Cooking Class For World Animal Protection

The F**k-It List actress, Amanda Grace Benitez, and plant-based chef and founder of Plant You, Carleigh Bodrug, have teamed up with World Animal Protection, a global animal welfare non-profit organization, to co-host a fundraiser and cooking class for its Meat Reduction campaign titled Meating Halfway Kitchen. Registrants will be making a boneless bone broth and learning about how meat reduction is better for their health, the planet, and animals.

The class will take place on January 21 at 3 p.m. EST. The recipe, crafted by Carleigh Bodrug, will be shared with participants who donate a minimum of $10 when registering so they can cook along with the live webinar. 

“I have chosen to partner with World Animal Protection US because I truly believe that together we can reduce the environmental and ethical impact we have on our planet and fellow animals,” says Bodrug. “There has never been a more critical time to reduce the consumption of meat in our daily diets to help safeguard our global communities.”

Amanda Grace Benitez, became a World Animal Protection Ambassador in 2020, helping the organization promote change for animals. The actress, who is hosting the webinar, will join Carleigh Bodrug and World Animal Protection’s Meat Reduction Campaign Manager Joe Loria, to discuss how eating more plant-based foods can help improve animal welfare, have positive impacts on the climate, and is better for one’s health.

“I partnered with World Animal Protection US because I believe we share the same values when it comes to spreading the message on meat reduction,” Benitez says. “I believe in a non-judgmental environment when educating others on the ethical and environmental pros of meat reduction.”

Register here for the event.

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