You’ll Want To Leave These Salts From Jacobsen On Your Counter All The Time

It’s a rare thing when you actually want to leave your salt out on the counter and not away in a cabinet. Jacobsen Salt just repackaged their Kosher and Italian sea salts, and you will want to leave this duo out in clear viewing all the time.

Filled with Jacobsen’s signature sustainably-harvested salt from Netarts Bay, OR and Trapani, Italy, the two canisters come with an updated look, logo, and practical packaging solution for chefs and home cooks alike. Not to mention, these canisters are beautifully colored, making a splash in any type of kitchen.

“We’re committed to providing professional chefs and home cooks the best elemental cooking ingredients and kitchen staples, inspiring them to cook and eat well. We know that people are cooking at home more now than at anytime in recent memory, and we created our new sea salt canisters with that in mind. Not only are our new salt canisters beautiful enough to be left on the kitchen counter, they’re also easy enough to pour from into a salt cellar or to sprinkle from into a dish,” says Mary Ellen Signer of Jacobsen.

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