Bobby Flay Is Giving Us A Good Reason To Look Forward To 2021

It seems like everyone is waiting for 2020 to come to an end. And while things may not change the minute the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight, Chef Bobby Flay is giving us an amazing reason to look forward to 2021 — the launch of his latest cookware partnership.

According to Chef, he’s found the non-stick pan of his dreams and now, he is sharing it with the rest of us (hashtag blessed, are we right?). This cookware is created by GreenPan and is dubbed the Premiere line and it will be sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma starting 2021.

“GreenPan Premiere has become my favorite non-stick cookware hands down. I use it all the time at home. It is the first nonstick pan that I have found that I can sear anything in. It is also great for delicate foods, like eggs and omelets. It performs like stainless, to get that sear, and like cast iron to hold that heat,” he says.

The GreenPan Premiere collection features a Diamond Advanced ceramic, healthy non-stick coating, the most innovative in nonstick cookware. It is also crafted of tri-ply stainless steel with wrapped rims to prevent dents and chipping. Silhouette rivets create a seamless easy to cook and clean interior, the company noted. This collection also comes with the company’s patented Evershine finish, designed to keep the polished exterior looking new, as well as for an oven-to-table aesthetic. Pans are heat resistant up to 600 degrees in the oven, and the entire collection is dishwasher safe. It can also be used on all types of cooktops, including gas, induction and electric.

As innovators of healthy ceramic non-stick cookware, GreenPan Premiere’s non-toxic coating is free from PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium. Adds Flay, “When I am using GreenPan Premiere, I know because it is so non-stick, I don’t need to use a lot of extra oil and fats. That’s very helpful.” It’s also perfect for those of us looking to trim the fat in our lives going into the New Year, too.

And, for those looking to feel good about the environment, GreenPan does that too. According to the company, its curing process uses 60% less CO2 than traditional nonstick cookware. Plus, 30% of the energy at the manufacturing plant is solar, all aluminum is recycled, and wastewater is filtered and reused.

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