A champagne martini

A Savory Touch Ups The Ante On This Champagne Martini

While many people are creating cocktails at home, there is something powerful about recreating that special cocktail you once enjoyed at a bar and putting a spin on it.

I recently started drinking the Gibson cocktail on a regular basis, as I visited the Gibson bar in Singapore back in March 2019. I forgot how much I love this cocktail!

The Gibson is essentially a martini with a pickled onion garnish, and how could you not just love the pickled onion garnish?

I couldn’t just stop there, as I decided to top this martini with champagne. It may be a bit extra, but in 2021, taking your cocktails to the next level is a requirement.

Bubbly Gibson

2 ounces of gin
½ ounce of dry vermouth
Top with champagne

Add gin and dry vermouth to a mixing glass with ice
Stir then strain into a flute glass
Top with champagne and garnish with a pickled onion

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