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You Can Drink The Perfect Mayan Zodiac Cocktail At This Mexico Resort

Whether you’re into astrology seriously or into astrology like you just love sipping cocktails under the stars, Grand Velas Rivieria Maya has a treat for you. The Mexican resort is launching a new cocktail program this spring, which includes 13 cocktails based on traits of Mayan astrological signs.

Treat yourself to the perfect sipper for your Mayan Zodiac sign if you’re staying at the resort. The cocktails are made with ancestral ingredients and have deep roots in the culture of the area, but with a nod to modern mixology.

“In each of the drinks, identity is given to each sign, recreating its qualities through ingredients that carry a meaning either from their place of origin and characteristic flavors, in addition to complementing with the avant-garde mixology,” says Cecelia Sierra, bar manager, Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

According to Sierra, the flavors have been developed for each sign as follows:

  • Bat (July 26 to August 22)The nocturnal animal that is associated with the vigor of coffee and chocolate, Bacanora complements it.
  • Scorpion (August 23 to September 19): Charanda, a sharp stinger that gently numbs the senses.
  • Venison (September 20 to October 17)Tequila cream, subtle flavor that combines grace and flavors.
  • Barn Owl (October 18 to November 14): Dark Beer, helps you brainstorm and engage in wise talk.
  • Pavoreal (November 15 to December 12)Pox, the essence of corn in multiple colors that come together in a smooth and elegant liquid
  • Lizard (December 13 to January 9): Agave sotol and green prickly pear as his eyes — emerald green.
  • Mono (January 10 to February 6): Xtabentun, a sweet drink that carries its playful and curious spirit.
  • Falcon (February 7 to March 6): Triple Sec and sharp citrus as his gaze that watches from above.
  • Jaguar (March 7 to April 3): Mezcal, muscular, mysterious and fleeting elixir.
  • Zorro (April 4 to May 1): Aged Mezcal smoked with fine woods, bold and intelligent in every movement.
  • Squirrel (May 30 to June 26): Blueberries, sour, and crisp play on the palate.
  • Snake (May 2 to May 29): Xila, mixture of agave and peppers.
  • Tortuga (June 27 to July 25): Pulque, emblem of Mexico, the most ancient of drinks, in no hurry to evolve.

Want to try one yourself before the menu launches? Cecelia Sierra teaches us how to make a Coz.


Mayan Astrology Sign: Falcon (February 7 – March 6)
Sign Characteristics: Falcons possess great judgement and are incredibly faithful and solution-oriented. In the Coz cocktail, triple sec and sharp citrus flavors represent a falcon watching from above, attentive and swift.

4 tbsp. Charanda (White rum can also be used)
2 tbsp. Orange liqueur
3 tbsp. Grapefruit juice
3 tbsp. Orange juice
Grated orange rinds for decoration

Preparation Instructions: Combine Charanda, orange liqueur, grapefruit juice, and orange juice in a shaker with ice. Next, strain into a martini glass. Add grated orange rinds for decoration then serve.

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