Cans of Raging Eagle beer

A Taste Of The Tropics! Yuengling Debuts Raging Eagle Mango

As American palates are shifting, the beer industry is looking to capitalize on those drinkers that are taking more chances with their choices. Yuengling is no exception, as the beer producer is rolling out Raging Eagle, a pilsner beer made with natural mango flavor for a refreshing taste.

“We saw an opportunity to leverage our six generations of brewing expertise to create a refreshing mango beer that appeals to adventurous drinkers and adds a bold new brand to our portfolio of iconic beers,” said Jen Yuengling, 6th generation brewer, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc.

Yuengling told The Gourmet Insider exclusively that Raging Eagle was a product of market analysis. She explained that the team looked for a gap on the beer shelf that could be filled by a product that would complement the already expansive Yuengling line-up.

“We are typically known for our flagship brand, which is our Amber lager. And in our portfolio, we have our core brands and a collaboration we’ve been involved with for Hershey’s for the last two years,” says Yuengling.

Raging Eagle, she says, is an expansion of the company’s beer line-up and is intended to appeal to those who are looking for fun and flavorful beer styles.

“It adds a new edge to this portfolio. We are excited to meet them with this whole new Raging Eagle mango beer. If you look at the flavor profile and the taste — it’s brewed with classic hops and natural mango flavor. It has a bold, refreshing taste and it’s very balanced in the aromatic qualities,” explains Yuengling.

But, she says, the company went through several different trials before settling on the mango brew.

“We did a little bit of experimentation with other fruits, but we just kept coming back to the mango. We kept coming back to the bold and refreshing taste that comes from the mango. It offsets the hops that we use very nicely. You get the citrusy notes from the hops and the sweetness from the mango for that great balance,” Yuengling says.

Available now, Raging Eagle will be available year-round in 24-ounce cans at convenience stores across Yuengling’s 22-state footprint.

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