Five Easy Pantry Swaps To Make Meals More Luxurious

Whether a home cook pro or a novice, sometimes a meal doesn’t come out as flavorful as predicted. While it could be a variety of things, upgrading some of the staple goods used to infuse flavor into a meal — like salt and butter — can take any dish from good to great.

Here are five easy pantry swaps that can add a bit more of an upscale feel to everyday dishes.

Enzo Olive Oil

When looking for a flavorful, lush olive oil, Enzo should be top-of-mind. The olive oil company has three different types of olive oils depending on your preference — delicate, medium and bold. Delicate hits the zesty and buttery tastebuds. Medium has some nutty flavor notes to it, but is still smooth and buttery. Bold has more robust grassy and nutty flavors with a spicy, peppery finish on the palate.

And, the brand has a variety of infused olive oils, too, that can spark creativity in the kitchen. Try Eureka lemon crush olive oil; Fresno chili crush olive oil; clementine crush olive oil or basil crush olive oil for bold, unique blasts of flavor. Enzo also has a Meyer lemon-infused and garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil for those looking for just a hint of something new. All of the brand’s olive oils are organic.

Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Flake Sea Salt

Salt is one of the key ingredients to making a dish fabulous, says just about every chef ever. Salt the water (a lot) before adding pasta to it; salt your meat (more than you think) before cooking for extra flavor. We hear it all the time — salt is the gateway to flavor. But not all salt is created equal. The salt needed to impart all of that deliciousness has to be elevated.

Cue Jacobsen Salt Co.’s extra flavorful, briny pure flake sea salt hand-harvested from Oregon’s Netarts Bay. This salt, though, is a finishing salt that is meant to be used on sweet and savory dishes prior to serving. And, the large grains provide a bit of texture to any dish, while also amping up its flavor. That chocolate ice cream you’re looking at? Salt it. The roasted fish about to hit the table? Salt that, too.

Kerrygold Irish Butter

Once you go Kerrygold, there is no turning back. This butter is made from the milk of Irish grass-fed cows, which creates a creamy, silky product that’s quick to melt and full of flavor. Made in both salted and unsalted varieties, the butter is rich in flavor and adds a bit of luxe to sauces, baked goods and even just buttered toast.

And, it’s a product you can feel good about, too. Kerrygold works with co-ops and family-run farms to allow them to tap into resources they wouldn’t normally be able to.

Maille Dijon Originale Mustard with White Wine

A good dijon mustard is a must-have in every kitchen. But this mustard kicks regular mustard out the window any day of the week. Not only does Maille’s Dijon Originale Mustard with White Wine make any hot dog or hamburger better, but it also adds an elevated nuance of flavor to sauces and gravies that require the condiment.

This blend is vibrant and can add a savory high note to dressings and sauces, while being served alongside grilled steaks. However, using this with a bit of good balsamic vinegar and olive oil as a marinade is what dinner dreams are made of.

Maple Craft Foods Hot Honey Maple Syrup

You wouldn’t think twice about adding craft beer to your refrigerator, so why not add craft syrup to the pantry?

Whether it’s upgrading your breakfast game, dressing some fried chicken wings or bringing a bit of heat to your cocktails, the hot honey maple syrup from Maple Craft Foods is exactly what you need. The brand uses its honey-infused bourbon barrel aged syrup as a base, then adds organic cayenne chilis for a bit of a kick.

Made from single-sourced syrup and aged in American white oak barrels directly after they are used to distill bourbon, the syrup not only brings the heat, but also has flavorings of vanilla and caramel with a bit of smokiness and fruit.

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