These Coconut-Based Sponges Are Durable And Sustainable

If you have ever wanted a way to clean your dishes, live more sustainably and evoke the mesmerizing scent of summer all at once, we have found your answer.

Full Circle, a certified B Corporation with a focus on sustainable home goods, is showing off two new sponges made from coconut husks as part of its commitment to the environment — Cleaña Colada and Beachy Clean.

A scouring pad and sponge 2-in-1 combination, Cleaña Colada is made from a combination of coconut husks and cellulose. While it can be used on tableware, flatware and more, it is also tough enough to scrub down a grill, pots and pans, and stuck-on condiments, too.

Beachy Clean is made of coconut husks and recycled plastic, so it’s gentle enough for everyday use on all of your hand-wash goods but durable enough to last.

And, it gets even better. Both of these plant-based sponges are naturally coconut scented, so you can escape to the beach without leaving your kitchen.

If coconut isn’t your thing but sustainability is, Full Circle has a wide array of other sponges, too. Try a walnut scrubber sponge made from walnut shells or grab some cellulose sponge cloths for tackling everyday messes and spills.

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