This Coaster Is Genius, If We Do Say So Ourselves

Unless you live in a museum, coasters are a fact of life. OK, even then coasters are probably still a fact of life. But they’re meant to hold one glass. Just ONE! What’s a person do to when just one class isn’t going to cut it but you’re too tired to go back and forth to the kitchen all evening? What about when there’s more than one person sipping?

But this new coaster from GIR is a dream come true. The oversized coaster is designed to nest wine bottles, frosty carafes, hot mugs, oversized iced coffees. Seriously, though, being able to leave a cold bottle of wine or Champagne on the table without having to worry about a condensation ring is chef’s kiss.

And it’s not even just for cold! These babies are also heat safe to 550°F, and BPA and BPS free. Even better? You can throw them in the dishwasher to clean and sterilize them without worry.

Available now in a two-pack for $5.99 each (regularly $12), they’re available in vine and frost or burgundy and navy.

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