Grill And Serve Oysters The Easy Way With These Ceramic Shells

Oysters are one of those things that are so beloved, but only get their time in the sun when they are prepared for you. Between the cleaning, the shucking and the accoutrement prep, the mess may seem as if the restaurant up-charge is well worth it.

However, Loftin Oysters is here to save your at-home oyster experience, especially when looking to cook or grill these simple pearls of edible joy.

“We found this niche in the marketplace for a better way to cook oysters. We were tired of only being able to grill oysters on the weekends when there was more free time to be spent on the prep and cleanup. And we learned that many people felt the same way,” says Ali Loftin, who serves as the company’s marketing and communications specialist.

Shaped like a natural oyster shell, the ceramic replicas are designed to be touched by flames from the grill to provide even heating and to give it a smoky flavor. The stoneware pieces can also be used under a broiler.

Available now, the oyster shells can be found at various retailers across the country and are also used in commercial restaurant kitchens. They can be purchased in six or 12-counts.

Want to try your hand at grilling oysters? Check out this recipe.

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