Have A Spa Day At Home With Bacardi’s New Plume & Petal Collection

As everyone has made more of an effort to relax these days, while also playing home bartender on a more frequent basis, Bacardi is combining both of these with its latest collection of vodka, Plume & Petal.

Plume & Petal is a collection of three new, spa-inspired, premium spirits with a delicate infusion of fruit, botanicals, tea and a hint of honey, while distinctively containing half the alcohol of a standard vodka.

Peach Wave has notes of white peach, lavender and black tea, with a hint of honey; Cucumber Spritz combines the flavors of cucumber, lemongrass and chamomile tea, with a hint of honey; and the new Lemon Drift spirit contains lemon, elderflower and white tea flavor notes, also with a hint of honey.

While the entire bottle has a 20% ABV for a lower-proof alcoholic sipper, it is also made with no artificial sweeteners for those also looking to imbibe in a better-for-you booze choice.

Designed to be consumed on the rocks, mixed into a spritz, or used to enhance a punch, Plume & Petal elixirs were crafted with few things in mind: Effortlessness, ease, and mixability. A true spa experience in a glass.

Drink up.

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