This Adorable Lunchbox Is Perfect For Your Food-Loving Kiddo

While back-to-school may be a bit of toss up this year, it doesn’t mean lunchtime for little ones has to be boring, even at home.

Thermos Brand has introduced a new modular lunchtime solution designed to help keep food in place and minimize food’s contact with other surfaces, the Thermos Kids Freestyle Kit.

The Thermos Kids Freestyle Kit’s reusable modular design allows for creative themes while helping to arrange contents easily. The durable and BPA-free divider tray makes it easy to customize lunch while minimizing food contact with other surfaces.

There are so many features also features an 8-ounce food jar, two storage dividers and a 2-ounce condiment food jar with a snap top, so say goodbye to single-use plastic bags. This 8-piece set is also easy to clean and easy to use.

The best part? It’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, especially when your munchkin may have left something in there for a few… days.

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