These Amazing Cold Soup Recipes Will Make You Hope Summer Never Ends

When we hear the word “soup,” it may trigger daydreams about sweaters, cooler weather, and that cozy feeling you get when something hot hits your stomach. While we realize hot soups may not be on the menu for the next couple of months, soup is basically a food group. So, we we have some other recommendations — cold soups. You might’ve heard of a few classics, but there are so many more calling your name.

We’ve rounded up eight amazing recipes to help you beat the heat and get that yummy full feeling only soup can provide.


This cold soup originates from Spain and will bring the heat (we mean spice) that you really want this summer. The key to any gazpacho recipe is tomatoes and Alton Brown’s recipe is no exception. This recipe calls for making an “X” slit at the bottom of your off-the-vine tomatoes, then dropping it in boiling water for 15 seconds. After the quick dip, place the tomatoes in an ice bath. Once you’ve completed the steps to prep the tomatoes, you can start adding the jalapeños, garlic, cucumbers, Worcestershire, cumin and some other spices to complete your perfect first cold soup. Serve it in a chilled wine glass, cold bowls, or even mason jars and it’s sure to be a hit at your next barbecue. 

Cucumber Soup

There are two great parts of cucumber soup. First it’ll help use up some of the cucumbers you forgot to pick in your garden and second it takes ten minutes with no cooking! Simply Recipes’ version of cucumber soup requires you to have a blender on hand. Peel and seed your cucumbers, toss them in the blender with some chopped onion, buttermilk, sour cream, dill and  hit pulse! Once everything looks smooth and mixed together, you’re ready to enjoy this fresh summer soup. 

For those who can’t have as much dairy as they used to, try Veggie Inspired’s vegan recipe here. 

Avocado Soup

Sticking with our theme of green soups, we couldn’t possibly skip over Avocado Soup. This is another dinner where you won’t have to turn the stove on. Jump in with your ripe avocado chunks, chicken broth, lemon/lime juice, with additional seasonings. Once everything is in the blender, hit puree to make your soup thicker. If you prefer your soup with a little thinner consistency, add more broth. My Recipes recommends switching out your chicken broth for vegetable broth if that works best for you.

Watermelon Gazpacho 

Just like we use fall veggies for the best soups, summer cold soups do the same thing! Next up in our cold soup roundup is a spin on traditional gazpacho. Though instead of tomatoes, we’ll be using watermelon. You’ll still get the gazpacho kick because of the jalapeños, but this soup tends to be more savory than sweet. Check out Tastys recipe to get your watermelon kick a different way.

Basil Zucchini Soup

This one requires a smidge of cooking, but we promise you won’t regret it. Love and Lemons recipe takes a total of 26 minutes to cook and starts with sautéing leeks. By the time you’re done, the leeks should be translucent, not bitter. Once those are done, throw some chopped garlic onto the pan for thirty seconds and remove from heat. Next, we’re taking out our trusted blender and combining the leek mixture with the zucchinis, hemp seeds, lemon juice, miso, water and a few grinds of pepper. Once smooth, add the basil in and adjust to taste once everything is together. 

Chilled Ramen with Soy Milk and Chili Oil

Now, we’ve been listing off some easier cold soups because, well, honestly it’s hot and life is hard enough on those toasty days. But if you’re looking for more of a challenge or possibly even a date night recipe, we recommend this chilled ramen recipe. This recipe from Shigetoshi “Jack” Nakamura, requires a bit more of a commitment to make but we guarantee you and whoever is lucky enough to get the second dish, will be grateful for it. 

Blueberry Soup with Yogurt

While most of the soups on here have been savory, sometimes we are looking for a little sweet to spice up our daily meals. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, look no further than this chilled blueberry soup with yogurt. You’ll get a bright color to gaze at with a surprising pop of cinnamon and ginger. Your friends will love this recipe from Lemon Tree Dwelling for brunch or a nice lunch by the pool.

Chilled Hummus Soup

Finally, last but not least is one of our favorite dips turned to soup. This Framed Cooks recipe is creamy, spicy, and healthy — what more could you ask for! Be sure to have your blender or food processor on hand and the secret tool — a fine mesh strainer. It’ll take a total of 15 minutes and doesn’t require any heat. Sounds like a win to us.

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