Feeling The Winter Chill? Here Are Seven Hot Cocktails To Warm You Right Up

While winter may be a great time to curl up with some tea and a good book, it’s a better excuse to get cozy with a cocktail! But not just any cocktail — one that will be the perfect blanket companion or fireside accompaniment is what we mean.

From boozy hot chocolates to new spins on the classic Hot Toddy, here are seven sippers that will take the chill out of the air. Well, at least in the living room.

Redbreast Mexican Hot Chocolate

Recipe courtesy of Rosa Mexicano


  • 1⅔ parts Redbreast 12
  • ⅓ Part Creme de cacao
  • ⅓ Part Honey
  • Warm Water

Instructions: Stir the Redbreast, Crème de Cacao and honey together in a heat-proof mug or glass. Add warm water and stir a second time. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg, long orange zest and a square of white chocolate before serving.

Aberlour Speyside Scotch Toddy


  • 1.5 parts Aberlour A’bunadh Alba whisky
  • 0.5 parts lemon juice
  • Hot water
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • Garnish: lemon wheel and cinnamon stick

Instructions: Combine Scotch and lemon juice in a mug. Top with hot water and add lemon and cinnamon. 

Kentucky Toddy

Recipe courtesy of Fitz Bailey, Brown-Forman Mixologist


  • 1.5 oz. Coopers’ Craft Barrel Reserve  
  • .5 oz. Apple Brandy or Apple Jack  
  • 1 oz. Raw simple syrup  
  • 1 Lemon slice 
  • 1 Apple slice  
  • 1 Cinnamon stick  
  • 3 oz. Boiling water  

Instructions: Muddle lemon and simple syrup. Add Coopers’ Craft Bourbon and Apple Brandy stir to combine. Add boiling water and cinnamon stick right before service. Serve in a coffee mug or tall pousse café glass. Garnish with apple slice and cinnamon stick.  

Coopers’ Craft Hot Chocolate 

Recipe courtesy of Fitz Bailey, Brown-Forman Mixologist 


Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a mug and top with marshmallows.

Tea Blossom Toddy  

Recipe courtesy of Jackie Nevin, Mixologist at Art in the Age, Philadelphia, PA  


  • 2 oz. Kinsey 4 Year Rye Whiskey
  • .25 oz. Jasmine-infused maple syrup    
  • 1 Flowering green tea blossom   
  • 2 Droppers Rosemary-Grapefruit bitters   
  • Expressed grapefruit peel    

Instructions: Add rye and maple to a teacup. Place tea blossom in cup. Pour hot water over blossom. Add bitters and expressed grapefruit peel. Wait 3-5 mins to cool to drinking temperature and watch tea flower bloom. Serve in a glass teacup and garnish with a tea blossom.

Chai Toddy

Recipe courtesy of Jackie Nevin, Mixologist at Art in the Age, Philadelphia, PA


  • 2 oz. Chai-infused Kinsey 4 Year Rye Whiskey  
  • .5 oz. Chai syrup  
  • 10 Drops Dram black bitters  
  • 6 oz. Hot water 


  • Chai Rye: 1 oz. chai, 1 bottle Rye, 1 Hour infusion, strain through cheesecloth.  
  • Chai syrup: Steep .5 oz. Rival Bros. masala chai in 12 oz. hot water for 6 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth, add 8 oz. sugar. Stir until dissolved.  

Instructions: Build in glass. Add all ingredients, pouring hot water over top last. Stir and enjoy. Serve in a ceramic mug and garnish with a cinnamon stick and candied ginger.

Maple Hot Toddy
Recipe courtesy of Baba’s Acid Trip owner and founder Olga Sorzano


  • 1.5 oz. Bluebird Distilling Four Grain Bourbon 
  • 1 Tablespoon Maple syrup 
  • 1 oz. Baba’s Acid Trip – Cayenne Vinegar Flavor  
  • 4 oz. Hot water 
  • Cinnamon stick 
  • Whipped cream 
  • Garnish: Cinnamon stick and whipped cream  

Instructions: Add bourbon, maple syrup, and vinegar into a double-walled glass/clear mug. Add boiling water and stir until the syrup is dissolved. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and/or whipped cream.  

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