Need A Great Holiday Bottle? These Wine Influencers Pick The Best Bottles To Give As Gifts

If you’re the “foodie,” of the group, it seems as if the pressure is really on during the holidays. Your friends and family expect you to bring it when it comes to seasonal treats, whether it’s hosting your own party and picking out the over-the-top spread, or when attending the gatherings of others.

That being said, the pressure may be too much when picking out a bottle to gift. So, instead of leaving you wandering up and down the aisles of Total Wine in a panic, we did the work for you.

We spoke to several wine influencers about their favorite bottle to bring a holiday crowd. And because this group knows their stuff, we promise these picks won’t let you down.

“You often don’t know if someone is primarily a red or white wine drinker. But, unless they’re completely unhinged (e.g. my husband), it’s safe to assume most people like bubbly. One of my absolute faves to gift is a bottle of Graham Beck Brut done up in a fancy wine bag. This South African Cap Classique sparkler is not only freaking delicious — crisp, tight bubbles, the perfect toastiness — it’s also pretty widely available and so easy on the bank account that you can buy it for literally everyone on your list (well, maybe not the kids). Just check it twice to make sure I’m on there.” — Devin Parr (@TheSoCalWineGal)

“Gusbourne in Kent is always at the top of my list. In a new wine market, where all sparklings are presented at a premium, Gusbourne manages to straddle the line between luxurious and unpretentious with their slick, contemporary look. English wines are known for being focused to a pinpoint, which is certainly true of their Blanc de Blanc. But their Brut Reserve impresses me just as much with its bready notes akin to Champagne. Bring a bottle and challenge your friends to work out where it’s from.” —Hannah Milnes (@the.british.bouchon)

“I always love gifting bubbles because people always associate them with good times and celebrations. Charles Heisdieck Brut Reserve is one of my favorites Champagnes because they utilize 50 percent reserve wines. This adds depth and complexity to the cuvée. The sub-$55 price tag won’t break the bank and the unique shape of the bottle is sure to impress.” —Nicole Muscari (@grapechic)

“The Brut Rosé from Champagne Billecart-Salmon is my choice for best gifting bubbles. This is the Princess of Champagnes. She is the Vibe Creator, and starts the party when she walks in. She is the perfect pale pink color with all the sweetness of strawberries + raspberries. This bottle is easy to find and for a great price. (Under $100!) Hands down a favorite I like to serve to guests, and gift to friends!” —Elle Rodriguez (@themodernpour)

“My pick is Flaccianello della Pieve from Fontodi. This year I took a trip to Chianti Classico and tasted through some wines at Fontodi. I was blown away with the quality and the history that I went in search of their famous Flaccianello. I managed to get my hands on a bottle and it blew me away. It’s a special bottle of wine that holds a special place in my heart.” — Chelsie Petras McGee (@chelsiepetras)

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