Yes, Food Lovers Can Do The Whole30 — Co-Founder Melissa Urban Explains Why

We know you’ve heard of the Whole30. The lifestyle program that seemingly eliminates everything fun from your diet. No chocolate. No cocktails. No boneless buffalo wings. No ice cream. No cheese. And definitely no pancakes.

However, Whole30 has so many other benefits. Better sleep, clearer skin, more stable moods and an overall feeling of accomplishment.

But to a food lover, this may seem like torture. How could you possibly give up so many types of food you love? First of all, it’s just for 30 days. Secondly, it will give you so much insight to how you feel when you eat certain foods. (Those tacos may definitely be worth it, but that sundae may not be!). And, finally, Whole30 relies on eating whole foods. You’ll begin to hone in on different flavors, textures and even beef up your cooking skills.

We spoke to Melissa Urban, co-founder and CEO of Whole30, to discuss all these things and more on the recent episode of The Gourmet Insider podcast. Listen here or on your favorite streaming service.

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