Missing Travel? This Cocktail Kit Is The Cure

We know. It’s been a long time since International travel was as easy as booking a flight and a hotel. But by making your favorite cocktails and creating your own at-home experiences, you can escape to your favorite places, if only in your mind.

To help with this, Amaro Montenegro has created a cocktail kit that includes Italian Amaro as well as Mezcal. Yes, you heard right — you can go to both Italy and Mexico in just one sip!

Introducing the M+M Cocktail Kit! The kit includes everything you need to sip at home, on the beach, at the pool or at a picnic in the park. It includes three 50 ml bottles of Amaro Montenegro; two 50 ml bottles of El Silencio Mezcal; a bottle of Fever Tree Tonic; an orange for garnish; two sipping glasses; a cocktail booklet; and a recipe card. All for less than $45.

In the M+M, you can taste the vanilla and orange notes of Amaro Montenegro paired perfectly with smoky mezcal for a spirit forward sipper. If a more classic preparation is preferred, simply combine Montenegro with Fever Tree, which is also included in the kit, for a refreshing and classic Monte & Tonic.

With a secret recipe remaining unchanged since its creation 136 years ago, Amaro Montenegro is an Italian bitter herbal liqueur first concocted in 1885 out of Bologna, Italy. Amaro Montenegro features the essence of 40 botanicals from around the globe and is traditionally served as a digestif.

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