Nordic Ware's divided pans

These Divided Pans Were Made To Make Multi-Meals Easily

You’ve heard of sheet pan meals? Well, now Nordic Ware has taken that concept to the next level with a series of divided pans. Like sheet pan meals, these pans are designed to cook two or three different meal components at the same time, allowing home cooks to whip up a complete spread in no time.

“We know that work-life balance has changed for people in the last year. These pans are designed to help home cooks get a complete dinner on the table quickly, allowing them to get back to spending quality time with their family,” says Jennifer Dalquist, evp/sales and marketing of Nordic Ware.

You can do more with less using these pans, no matter the meal. The 2-in-1 divided saucepan is perfect for bacon and eggs; a protein and vegetable; or even pasta with sauce. The 3-in-1 divided sauté pan can tackle even the biggest dinner challenge, able to take on a main course and two sides with ease. These pans are also perfect for leftovers, allowing you to re-heat multiple dishes quickly and without making a mess when all you want to do is eat and chill.

Have someone with allergies gathering at your table? Divided pans allow you to modify any recipe and avoid contamination in the very same pan. They also solve the problem of what to make for picky eaters, allowing you to create meals the whole family will enjoy without using every pot and pan in your arsenal.

And, if you think these are just pans, you’re wrong. They company made it easier for you to gather around the table, while also entertaining like a pro, so you don’t miss any of those precious memories at the dinner table. Heat up sauces or gravies in tandem. Roast vegetables while also cooking mashed potatoes. These pans can cut prep and serving time down significantly, while also having less to clean up.

The divided saucepan and divided sauté pan are as durable as they are functional. Made from cast aluminum for optimal heat distribution and retention, these pans heat beautifully and can sear like the best of ‘em. The divided pans can be used on electric, gas, and ceramic stovetops, and come with a 10-year warranty. These pans are hand-wash recommended, but not to worry — the PFOA-free non-stick coating makes cleanup a snap.

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