Feel Good About Setting The Table With This Sustainable — And Beautiful — Line

French company Revol is bringing form and function to sustainable tableware with the debut of its new No.W (No Waste) collection.

Revol, in an aim of preserving the natural resources, started to recycle its wastewater. This process enables Revol to diminish their use of water and minerals essential for the creation of porcelain.

No. W is a new sustainable dinnerware line made from recycled porcelain and enamel, or what the company calls Recyclay paste. The paste is said to have the same properties as actual porcelain, including heat and durability.

And if you think you couldn’t feel better about setting the table with this stunning dinnerware collection, you are wrong. They’re all 100% non-porous and food safe and cook and clean like a dream — they go in the oven, the microwave and the dishwasher.

The assortment includes dinner plates, cups and bowls and comes in an array of colors to match just about any aesthetic — Arctic White, Indigo Blue and Matte Grey. The plates come in four sizes, the cups in three sizes and the bowl is 6.75 inches in diameter, perfect for serving delicious soups or a steaming serving of pasta in.

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