A Hard Seltzer With Cold Brew Infusion? Sign Us Up!

There’s no reason to say, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” as you sip your first cocktail of the day somewhere around 2 p.m. Now, Sail Away Coffee has given you a reason to drink early (or late!) with the launch of its new hard seltzer infused with none other than the brand’s cold brew.

Dubbed Sail Away Club, the Long Island-based coffee company has taken its nitro cold brew coffee to the next level.

“Sail Away Club is unlike any alcohol or coffee beverage you’ve ever tried before. It’s truly unique,” says Chris Vetter, founder of Sail Away Coffee. “The flavors are so well balanced and the coffee complements them perfectly. They’re crisp, refreshing and will be your beach, brunch, or poolside go-to.”

Sail Away Club is available online now in four refreshing flavors, including: Ocean Berry, Piña Colada, Mimosa, and The Original. Each 12oz can boasts as much caffeine as a half cup of coffee, while containing zero sugar and only 100 calories.

If you’re looking to keep things old school and make your own coffee-based cocktails, no worries there either. Check out these cocktail recipes made with the brand’s four different types of cold brew, from classic black to Horchata.

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