Surprise! Angostura Adds Cocoa To Its Bitters Selection

While it may not seem like a new flavor of bitters rolling out is a big deal, it is when Angostura adds one. In the company’s nearly 200 year history, it has only unveiled two flavors — until now. After more than a decade, Angostura has added its third flavor, cocoa, to its bitters line.

The brand’s new cocoa bitters is a custom blend of top notes of rich, nutty cocoa, balanced with botanicals and light spice notes, with a lasting bitter finish. The bitters were also designed for a full sensory experience, enveloping the nose in aromas of warm, inviting spices with floral and citrus undertones.

“Marking the brand’s first bitters category innovation since the debut of Angostura orange bitters in 2007, Angostura cocoa bitters is the result of premium ingredients and extensive flavor experimentation. The marriage of longstanding heritage and precision crafting has achieved a new level of artisanship in the creation of the brand’s latest portfolio addition,” says Mitch Cooper, North America brand lead for Angostura bitters at Mizkan America, Inc.

The cocoa bitters are made from Trinitario cocoa, a hybrid bean grown and harvested by local farmers on The House of Angostura’s home islands of Trinidad & Tobago.

Designed to be used in both cocktails and mocktails, the company notes that the blend pairs well with sweet vermouth and fine aged spirits like brandy, cognac, rum and tequila.

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