Pasta Straws Take Sustainable Sipping To The Next Level

As reusable straws are a staple these days, there has been an influx of materials — silicone, metal and paper — and designs to make these utensils both personal and durable.

But now, there is a way for foodies to show off their love of pasta and the environment at the same time — welcome Pasta Life straws!

Pasta Life straws are certified gluten-free and vegan pasta straws that are made from 100% plant-based ingredients. They come in two sizes — cocktail and extra-wide smoothie — and seven colors, including green, yellow, pink, orange, magenta, white, gray and blue. The colors are produced with rice flour and vegetables for an all-natural coloring.

“Our vision is to bring that mindset to the table and use pasta straws as a way to partner with like minded people to help tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental issues,” says Anthony Barresi, co-founder of the brand.

Designed to be completely biodegradable within 90 days, the straws can last for up to 40 minutes in cold beverages. They are available for $8.99 for a 20-pack or in various other arrangements, including a wholesale option.

So add a bit of flair to your beverage and do something good for the environment, too.

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