Elevate Your Cookout With Cognac Cocktails – We Show You How

Get ready to sip and sear with grilling expert Paula Disbrowe and Cognac expert Dan Nicolaescu. While Disbrowe will be showing you how to grill up some delicious meals (lobster! steak! halloumi!), Nicolaescu will be serving the perfect cocktail pairing. And, if you think grilling is just for the warmer months, you’re wrong. This four-part series will have you cooking over an open flame and slinging fresh cocktails all year.

While you may not think Cognac — yes, a type of brandy — could be so easy drinking, that could not be further from the truth. The perfect balance between wine and spirit, Cognac has a place on the table from appetizer through dessert. And, it can even take on some classical (yet hardcore!) American cuisine: Texas barbecue. Lesson one of this dynamic duo pairs up a Jarnac Ginger cocktail alongside decadent smokey lobster tails, but it doesn’t stop there! Additional lessons include pairing up grilled tuna, haloumi and even ribs with Cognac cocktails.

Watch Nicolaescu sling some sippers; Disbrowe dole out awesome cooking tips; and French and American culture collide, creating the perfect combination.

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