Sake? In A Can? All Of The Yes!

There are all types of things in cans these days — wine, RTD cocktails and even bubbly. Now, sake is joining the canned booze movement in hopes of shifting the American consumer’s palate and redefining the category.

WESAKE is a Junmai Ginjo-style brew that retains the quality and craft of traditional Japanese sake, with a portable format and authentic message to connect with modern consumers.

At the helm of this brand is beverage executive Pablo Rivera, who envisioned reshaping the way U.S. consumers enjoy the classic Japanese drink by making it more approachable, accessible, and much more than just an epicurean option.

“Fun and lively nights out with sake are not so easy to come by in the American market, and I kept wondering why something so delicious and drinkable wasn’t more widely available,” says Rivera. “We believe this fresh, exciting and versatile drink deserves to be part of any social occasion. WESAKE was born out of a love for a truly impressive beverage that I hope inspires more to explore the category and the unique space that sake fills.”

WESAKE, with an ABV of 13%, is non-GMO, vegan friendly, gluten free, and best served chilled. It is crisp, smooth and presents fruit-forward aromas and flavors. WESAKE is available nationwide through their website and at retail in select markets such as NY, CA, CT and GA with an SRP of $18.99 for a four-pack.

Want to know how to pair your food with sake? We have you covered.

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