How To Refresh Your Kitchen Without Saying Goodbye To Prep Space

Every room in the house needs a little pick-me-up once in awhile. Living rooms get pillow refreshes and new area rugs and bedrooms can be adorned with luscious new bedding and updated family photos. But, “decorating” the kitchen may be relegated to switching out hand towels or rearranging the spices or oils displayed on a shelf.

One of these reasons — décor often eats into prime real estate. Yes, we mean the prep space, which there never seems to be enough of no matter how grand your kitchen is and how small the amount of people you are cooking for.

But, there are some easy ways to decorate your kitchen without having to lose prep space, says Chrissie Anthony Haim, a Long Island, NY-based interior designer and principle of Chrissie Home & Design. In fact, says Haim, one of these ways is to use some of your kitchen necessities as décor.

“Use a wooden dough bowl that serves as decor, but also functions for holding fruit,” she says. “Or, a couple of old wooden cutting boards can lay flat against a backsplash, and add character to your kitchen.”

She also explains that adding an array of cookbooks, especially ones with bright, interesting and fresh bindings, can spruce up your kitchen without taking away from precious countertop space. She also says that to bring in art, simply use your backsplash. Using Command hooks, art can be installed and removed painlessly.

If you’re looking for a total change out, says Haim, there are ways to refresh your kitchen without doing a total demolition project — which often comes with a hefty price tag.

“Try painting your pantry door a bold color, especially in a white or neutral kitchen. It will give it a lift immediately. Or, go bigger with lighting. Choose unique chandeliers for over your island, or a small hanging chandelier for over your sink,” says Haim.

And, she says, while many people turn to hard surfaces when it comes to kitchen flooring, she says don’t be afraid to use a rug.

“Use unique, vintage rugs under the sink or as a runner for a focal point or conversation starter,” she says.

However, says Haim, there are a few things that should be done in order to tidy up the kitchen, especially if you’re upgrading your look. This, she says, will give you more prep space regardless and will also provide a clean, neat looking room.

“Buy inserts for your drawers that hold your knives and remove the bulky knife block from the countertop. And, any appliances that are not used daily should be stowed away in a cabinet or storage closet,” she says.

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