This Long Island Winery Is Starting Off 2021 By Paying It Forward

Sparkling Pointe, a winery and vineyard based on Long Island, NY, is looking to start off 2021 on the right foot. The brand, which is known for its array of bubbly wines, has launched a new campaign to help both its customers as well as the restaurant industry in the surrounding area.

“We are asking our customers to purchase a set of wines on our website as a gift for a family member, friend, or loved one who needs a little boost as we head into the home stretch of the pandemic normal,” explains Melissa Rockwell, director to consumer sales at Sparkling Pointe.

But, she told The Gourmet Insider, there is more. While the wine may be a way to “pay it forward” to someone near and dear to the heart of the purchaser, there is a second component to this campaign of giving.

“In return for their ‘pay it forward’ purchase, we will send them a gift certificate to one of our neighbor North Fork restaurants,” says Rockwell.

The packages range in price and will unlock either a $30 restaurant gift certificate or one for $100. The buyer will be emailed a short list of featured restaurants to chose from for their gift certificate, so it sweetens the pot on the reward.

“We are featuring all North Fork restaurants in an effort to pay if forward and support an industry close to our hearts and one so hurt by the pandemic this year,” Rockwell says.

The campaign will run through the end of January.

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