Le Creuset Officially Dropped This Stunning Colorway For 2021

It’s official. Every color that Le Creuset rolls out is more eye-catching than the last. And Agave, the brand’s major 2021 release, is no exception to this rule.

This vibrant piece of art, which has been made possible by advanced technology, is the company’s first ever cross-color gradation that combines two color families.

The lush green blossoms into a striking blue, creating a sophisticated take on the unicorn trend. It’s then crowned with a champagne-gold knob, taking upscale beauty up yet another notch.

“Agave is the first Le Creuset colorway to feature a blend of two color families,” says Christopher Scinto, vice president of marketing for the company. “Something really magical happens when these rich tones blend together. We hope this revelatory hue inspires betterment and wonder in the new year.”

Officially launched today, home cooks, master chefs and design mavens can adorn their kitchens with Agave in an array of enameled cast iron, stoneware, tabletop and more. The goods are available at Le Creuset Signature Stores, LeCreuset.com, Williams Sonoma Stores and Williams-Sonoma.com.

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