There’s A Drink For That: Bratwurst

During September and October, German food definitely is top of mind as Oktoberfest celebrations take place across the world. While almost everyone is all about pairing sauerbraten, oversized pretzels, schnitzel and other German delights with beer (especially as there are some great Oktoberfest choices available), there are also other beverages […]

Drinking Around The World: An Island Brews Cruise

Beers made in the tropics are not necessarily complex, but that’s not the point. Easy-drinking island brews are meant to be refreshing and thirst-quenching, with names and labels that are reminiscent of their swoon-worthy settings. That means when you return from your vacation you may find yourself craving a cold […]

There’s A Drink For That: Bánh Mì

Ask me what to drink with my lo mein or pad Thai and I will give you my favorite complement — a good dry/off-dry Riesling. The fruity flavor notes in the Riesling help to taper extra spice, while bringing additional brightness to my palate. But, the Vietnamese sandwich, Bánh Mì, […]